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After attending 20+ wedding together it was our turn to tie the knot. YES I am being serious the actual number is 22 weddings :) Over the years I had decided that what I wanted more than anything was for our wedding to be something truly unique. I immediately thought back about all the weddings we had attended and decided that I wanted to do a night time wedding as we had never attended one. My next step was finding someone to help me execute this plan. I looked at venues and everyone told me that I could not do this type of wedding. I was told so many times that it was a bad idea without anyone really having a valid reason as to why. That is when I decided to hire a Wedding Planner to help me execute this plan, because I was not taking NO for an answer. I hired Stephanie Antoinette the moment I met her because instead of her saying no she was excited to try something she had not done before...and that is when things started to get exciting. As a designer I am truly a detailed person, and my weakness is LIGHTING. The lighting of the space is key to set the tone. I can't believe I am going to admit this but I used SketchUp to design the lighting layout of our wedding because of course no one had done that complex of a lighting design before either. I hired AZ-Pro Rents to build and execute my was magical and worth every penny. Nothing is better than taking your custom design and making it a reality...NOTHING! Today is the Big Day: I CHOSE TO BE UNIQUE